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I designed and patented Liner Locks to haul and secure cargo in pick-up trucks with plastic bed liners. The idea to design Liner Locks came from my own personal experience of cargo sliding around on the slick surface of the bed liner in my pick-up truck. There had to be a fast and easy way to secure cargo on a bed liner. Liner Locks solve this problem. With just a quarter turn of the eyebolt, the Liner Lock clamps down on any one of the bed liner ridges allowing you to secure cargo quick and easy. Simply place the Liner Lock over any of the more than 50 ridges of the bed liner and using the supplied lever bar, turn the eyebolt clockwise 1/4 turn and the Liner Lock clamps down tight onto the bed liner ridge allowing you to secure cargo with bungee cords or they can be used to chock a load to keep it from sliding.

Once you use my Liner Locks, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.

Terry Taylor, President, Liner Locks Inc.
Terry Taylor
Liner Locks Inc.